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Culminating Project

During the last semester the participants work on a real life project either in their own organization or another. The project can be to solve a problem, develop a new approach or create something entirely new. The projects are submitted by organizations. As part of the process, each team of students bid on a project and under the supervision of a faculty member complete the awarded project.

Sample Projects:

  • Developing a market entry or expansion strategy for a new product or for an existing product in a new market
  • Designing a new inventory system for an organization
  • Designing a merger and acquisition plan 
  • Developing a business plan for a new or existing venture
  • Analyzing the profitability of a division, product line, region, etc.
  • Creating a financing strategy for a major acquisition or undertaking
  • Creating a branding strategy for a product or company
  • Improving customer experience for an existing product or service
  • Re-engineering processes or operations for a major functional area of an organization
  • Developing an online marketing strategy for a not-for- profit organization

Upon completion of the semester there is a reception featuring the projects with a project presentation poster, inviting the participating companies and all those involved in the MSMU - MBA program.