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Career Coaching

The Mount Saint Mary’s MBA program places a strong emphasis on career coaching. Students not only receive individualized career coaching from experienced business professionals but also learn the skills of being a career coach to others.

Students start working with the career coach from the first semester. During the first semester each student goes through an assessment process to identify interests, areas of strength and areas needing improvement. In the second semester the participants start working directly with a coach to improve their professional skills and learn the techniques and art of coaching others. In the third semester each participant develops a 3, 6 and 12 month roadmap, including the specific actions that he/she will take upon program completion to fulfill the career goals.

The unique feature of the Mount Saint Mary’s MBA is that every MBA graduate gains the professional training and ability to coach others. This coaching skill and its application in the work environment can be used at any career level and is transferable to any professional setting.