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Two Roads, One Journey

Education in China and the United States

Two Roads, One Journey

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The Museum of Teaching and Learning and Mount Saint Mary's University, Los Angeles

Flyer for Two Roads, One Journey. The exhibition will be on display at Mount Saint University's Doheny Campus from January 29 - April 28.
Flyer for Two Roads, One Journey. The exhibition will be on display at Mount Saint University's Doheny Campus from January 29 - April 28.

Event Date and Time

Dates: January 29, 2018 – April 28, 2018

Time: Free to the public during regular library hours
Monday-Thursday: 8am-9pm
Friday: 8am-4:30pm
Saturday: 8am-9pm
Sunday: 8am-9pm

Group Requests

To schedule a group visit, please fill out the following form and send to Jacqueline Ha-Maki,, for your inquiry.

Background Information

The Museum of Teaching and Learning Logo
The Museum of Teaching and Learning Logo

Two Roads, One Journey is an educational exhibition about the similarities and differences between the Chinese and American education systems, presented through a day in the life of two typical fourth grade students, one Chinese and one American. The traveling exhibition, which originated at The Museum of Teaching and Learning, presents colorful panels of text, children’s art and schoolwork, photographs, and classroom objects, largely provided by the project’s lead scholar, Nancy Pine, Ph.D., Professor Emerita at Mount Saint Mary’s University. Dr. Pine has been conducting research in China and the U.S. for more than twenty years. Her book, Educating Young Giants: What Kids Learn (and Don’t Learn) in China and America, served as inspiration and key platform for this exhibition.

Two Roads, One Journey reveals the power and cultural influences of education in China and the U.S., showcasing points of pride and challenge for both countries. The exhibition suggests how education can be improved, as it takes visitors on a thought-provoking day’s journey with Ping and Sam. When you first encounter them, they appear side by side, wearing their backpacks and ready for school. Then their lives become transparent:  How are their school days alike and different?  What classes do they take, and how are they taught? What work do they do in class? How do they express themselves in their art? What do they do for physical education? How do they spend their free time?

Through this exhibition, you will become more familiar with each child and their cultures, as well as with the cultural influences that have shaped their education systems. What are the costs and benefits of each system? Which one is more effective? For anyone interested in children and education, viewing this exhibition will be time well spent.  Be sure to seek out the philosophical quotations at the ends of the panels, and try your hand at Chinese calligraphy at the adjacent tables.

Two Roads, One Journey was produced by The Museum of Teaching and Learning, led by Greta Nagel, Ph.D., and inspired by exhibition designer Gail Griswold. Other members of MOTAL’s creative team who assumed key responsibilities include Pat Casey, Carole Cox, Rick Harrington, Naomi Jue, and Ping Liu. Design and installation assistance at MSMU was provided by Marjorie Acevedo, Dominique Aquino, Mauricio Feldman-Abe, Monica Johnson, and Joey Tamayo. This introduction to the exhibition is indebted to the review “Crossing Boundaries with Two Roads, One Journey” by Janet English.

Major support for the exhibition’s appearance at MSMU was provided by the President’s Office, with additional contributions by the Center for Cultural Fluency: Bridging Cultures/U.S. and China, Center for Global Initiatives, Department of Business Administration, Department of Education, Institutional Advancement, MSMU Libraries, and the Los Angeles Guangzhou Sister City Association.


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For further information contact Jacqueline Ha-Maki,, Tel. (310) 954-4455