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Sidewalk Inn

Sidewalk Inn®

Cristian Costache & Irina D. Costache

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About the Exhibit

Sidewalk Inn® reflects in poetic, but profound ways on homelessness, an important urban issue that remains largely unresolved. The photographs were taken over a period of more than six years, at different times of the day, many in the early hours of the morning. The project is not about a particular place or city. Rather, the images aim to expose the unsettling anonymity, transparency and objectification of homeless people and to raise awareness about the urgency of this matter. To respect and protect privacy neither faces nor recognizable parts of the body are shown in the images. 

The signs, places and other contextual elements included in the photos, while unplanned, add meaning to the narrative. The beauty of these intense and dramatic images derived from mesmerizing shapes, powerful colors and startling contrasts, re-directs viewers’ attention from the superficiality of form to the seriousness of the content. A similar visual and semantic contradiction at the core of the title, Sidewalk Inn®, further accentuates the harsh realities of homelessness.

All photographs were taken with different iPhones models. For more info about the project and to see more images please visit the website of the project.

About the Artists

Cristian Costache is a Los Angeles–based artist whose work reflects on the intricate connections between art, media, history, technology, and various aspects of contemporary culture. His works include two-dimensional and three-dimensional media, and large multimedia installations. He has exhibited in the United States in Los Angeles, including at the José Drudis-Biada Gallery, New York, and New Orleans, and in Italy in Venice, Rome and Bergamo. His recent work includes two graphic novels entitled It’s a Wonderful Lie and Any Number Can Win, that comment on contemporary topics. He is currently working on a project that reflects on African American history.

Irina D. Costache is an art historian (professor of Art History at California State University Channel Island), curator, and artist interested in examining visual and conceptual cross-cultural, cross-chronological and cross-disciplinary connections. She has published on art and museumshas curated several exhibitions and has participated in group shows in Southern California and Italy. Her art projects link text and images to reflect on art history and visual representation. She is currently working on a digital project on Italian Futurism and another entitled Nature and Culture.

Cristian Costache and Irina D. Costache have collaborated in the past on the multimedia installations Nature and/or Technologyand Venice/ Venice and the book Venezia, Italia, Venice, California, published in Italy in 2015.