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Campus Access

COVID-19/Coronavirus Information for the Mount Community

COVID-19 Information



Campus Access

Information for Accessing Campus

During the COVID-19 health emergency and in keeping with the Safer at Home protocols, Mount Saint Mary’s University is limiting access to our campuses. Please keep in mind the university is NOT CLOSED – we are limiting access to residential students and essential faculty and staff.

All essential function personnel must be identified and approved by the area Vice President/Provost/President and must have an essential personnel letter to access campus on a regular basis. Only students in on-site clinicals and those who remain in housing are allowed on campus. No guests or visitors are allowed on campus.


Approved Access

  • Current essential faculty and staff. Letter must be presented upon request.
  • Resident students approved to remain on the Chalon Campus.
  • Designated vendors and service providers performing essential campus functions (trash, DWP, etc.).
  • Ride-sharing and food delivery drivers. 

Resident Guests (Chalon Campus Only)

  • Resident students are NOT permitted to have visitors or guests on campus. Contact Residence Life with any questions. Residents are free to leave and return to campus via personal vehicle or ride-share. Residents may also utilize food delivery services such as Uber Eats, Grubhub, etc. ALL ride-share and food delivery vehicles must sign in, and then be directed to the Circle.