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Center for the Advancement of Women

Read the 2021 Report on the Status of Women and Girls in California™

For the past 10 years, Mount Saint Mary’s University has produced The Report on the Status of Women and Girls in California™ to provide a clearer picture of the landscape for women and girls statewide. In what areas are they thriving? Where are they merely surviving? And what obstacles remain in their path?

This Report illustrates how the pandemic specifically affects women and girls so that we can address these challenges, together. In these pages, our authors chronicle how the pandemic has created interwoven concerns for women and girls. These tangled threads include greater economic insecurity, heightened stress from working at home, the extra responsibility of coordinating children’s remote learning, and much more.

The people most affected by the dual public health and economic crises of 2020 are the ones who were already the most vulnerable among us — including too many of our women, children, people of color, and immigrants. As the data in this Report highlight, the ramifications of COVID-19 have merely underscored the inequities that already existed.

Feel free to download or share the data in this Report with your networks and professional colleagues. Together we can effect change.