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Teacher Induction—Clear Credential

California Commission on Teacher Credentialing Accreditation

CCTC Accreditation


6. Credential Recommendation

6.1 Credential Recommendation Process

The credential analyst schedules a presentation to meet with the credential candidates to go over the application/recommendation process. She explains the process and provides the following information sheets: 

If needed, the credential analyst meets with Clear Credential candidates who hold a California Preliminary Credential based on an Out-of-State Credential or based on SB-57 Private School Teaching Experience.  

The credential analyst meets with candidates to review the Renewal Codes listed on their Preliminary Credential document required for a Clear Credential. I also provide the English Learner/CTEL exam or program information sheet (see website). NOTE: This is the second time the EL/CTEL information sheet is given to the candidate.  The first time is when the candidate initially met with the advisor at the advisor’s meeting required for the MSMU Clear Induction Program. 

At the end of each semester, the credential analyst creates a Program Completers list  to track and confirm Credential issuance. The credential analyst also shares the Program Completers list with the administrative assistant so she can pull information for reports, such as the ADS.

6.2 Tracking Tool

Program Completers list