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Mild/Moderate Preliminary Credential

California Commission on Teacher Credentialing Accreditation

CCTC Accreditation


7. Credential Recommendation

7.1 Description of Process Ensuring Appropriate Recommendation, Including IDP Process

The credential analyst first meets with all preliminary candidates in their EDU 210 course (supervised teaching seminar) to outline the credential process. She will refer to the IDP document that is part of the course. For the Preliminary Credentials, the Credential Analyst schedules to meet with the credential candidates to go over the application/recommendation process. The process is explained to the candidates and they are provided with the following information sheets:

At the end of each semester, the Credential Analyst creates a Program Completers list to track and confirm Credential issuance. This Program Completers list is shared with the Administrative Assistant to pull information for your ADS tracking reports.

For students interested in a Preliminary Credential - based on SB-57 Private School Teaching of 3 to 5 years of teaching experience, the Credential Analyst takes the following steps:

  • Meets with the candidate, reviews the CCTC’s Leaflet, and explains the required documents
  • Create MSMU letter of verification of 2042 coursework completion (except for supervised teaching) and EL and technology embedded in the coursework.
  • Evaluate submitted employer documents, letters, transcripts, etc.
  • Assist students by following up and make sure the application is thorough and complete.

Once the students submit the required SB-57 documents, the Credential Analyst mails the Preliminary Credential paper application packet to the CCTC in Sacramento. The CCTC evaluates the credential application and it typically takes three months to review.

Lastly, the Credential Analyst enters the credential recommendation information in the Education Department Access Student Database and the Student file Communication log.

7.1.1 Candidate Progress Monitoring Document


Progress Monitoring and Exit Worksheet

Planning Guide

7.1.2 Individual Professional Development Plan

IDP Blank Form

IDP Addendum

IDP Preliminary

IDP Mild/Moderate Cover