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CCTC Accreditation


3. Faculty Qualifications

Faculty Qualifications

3.1 Faculty Distribution Table

3.2 Annotated Faculty List

3.3 Published Adjunct Experience and Qualifications Requirements


3.4 Adjunct Position Announcement

3.1 Faculty Distribution Table

Full-time Faculty (Including Directors) 8 preliminary,  1 induction
Part-time Faculty 1 preliminary
Adjunct Faculty 22 preliminary & 10 Induction
Supervisors  12 for preliminary
Coaches and Mentors (Preliminary) 25 preliminary
Coaches and Mentors (Induction) 43*

*the number of mentors and coaches varies due to the number and needs of the students each year

3.2 Annotated Faculty List

Full-time Faculty

Carol Johnston, PhD -  CV

Full-time Tenure-Track, Professor/Chair

EDU 1/268 Content-Based Reading Instruction - Secondary

Kelli-Ann Agner, MS -  CV

Faculty/Fieldwork Coordinator

EDU 1/250  Elementary Instruction: Theory and Practice
EDU 1/209AB  TPA Lab
EDU 1/316A/B 1/316C  Supervised Teaching - Elementary
EDU 117  Student Teaching Support
EDU 1/364C 1/364DE  Supervised Teaching-Secondary
EDU 1/378AB 1/378DE  Supervised Teaching - Education Specialist

Shelly Tochluk, PhD - CV

Full-time Tenure-Track, Director of Elementary Education 

EDU 100  Intro to Liberal Studies/Subject Majors and Concurrent Credentials
EDU 102  Integrative Seminar in Liberal Studies
EDU 1/207  Intro to Teaching English Learners
EDU 1/206  School and Society
EDU 242  Creating Inclusive and Motivating Classroom Environments
EDU 296A , 296B  Masters Project Proposal and Report

Robin Gordon, PhD - CV

Full-time Tenure-track, Professor/Director of Secondary Education

EDU 200A Research Methods for Practitioners
EDU 1/266  Principles of Secondary Education
EDU 296C , EDU 296D1 Case Study

Julie Feldman-Abe, PhD -  CV

Full-time Tenure-Track, Director of Elementary Education

EDU 1/252 Diversity and Schools
EDU 200A  Research Methods for Practitioners
EDU 296C/D  Case Study

Kimberly Nao, PhD - CV

Full-time Tenure-track, Director of Induction Faculty

EDU 243  Teacher Leadership in Professional Development
EDU 289  English Learners: Supporting Educational Equity and Access
EDU 296A/B  Masters Project Proposal and Report 
EDU 1/207D1  Intro to Teaching English Learners

Diana Taylor, PhD -  CV

Full-time Tenure-Track, Director of Moderate and Mild Hearing, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program

EDU 1/208B  Responsive Teaching for All Learners
EDU 210 D1, D2, D3  Culminating Seminar for Preliminary Programs
EDU 278  Program Leadership for Education Specialists
EDU 296C , 296D3  Case Study
EDU 318 318EL  Intern Support Seminar/English Learners Support

Part-time Faculty

Kieran Vaughan, Ed.D -  CV

Director of Liberal Studies

Full-time JTC Adjunct Faculty

Bridget Scott-Weich, PhD -  CV

Director of Graduate Studies (JTC)

EDU 234B, EDU 234C 
EDU 237B
EDU 233
EDU 229

Angela Stokes, M.Ed. -  CV

JTC Adjunct Faculty

EDU 234A
EDU 235A
EDU 238A, 238B
EDU 239B
EDU 229 

Adjunct Faculty

NameEmploymentSP20 Course TaughtSS20 Course TaughtFA20 Course TaughtSP21 Course TaughtSS21 Course TaughtFA21 Course Taught
Amanda Allen, MS
Adjunct Faculty 205 **           
Lorenza Arengo-Yarnes, PhD
Adjunct Faculty    201 1/210_D1 296B_D2   200   1/256 & 296A_D3    201 & 1/210_D1   200 1/256_D1 & D2

Amy Beeman-Solano, M.Ed 

Adjunct Faculty          299    
Maurice Belote, MA
JTC Adjunct Faculty        219_J1       
Jodi Bernard, MS
Adjunct Faculty     1/272        1/272    
Monica Boomgard, Ed.D 
Adjunct Faculty     1/251B        1/251B     
Annalisa Chang-Miller, Ed.D
Adjunct Faculty   1/254      1/254   1/254     1/254   
Mae Choe, MA
Adjunct Faculty     213B        
Rene Gaudet, Ed.D
Adjunct Faculty             226A_D2   
Brian Gonzalez, MS 
Adjunct Faculty  1/210_D2      1/266 & 1/210    1/210_D2      1/266  
Mary Goring, MA, LMFT
JTC Adjunct Faculty      235A_J1       235A_J1   
Salina Gray, PhD
Adjunct Faculty  1/267    1/206   104   1/267 1/206   1/206
Vicki Ishida, MS
JTC Adjunct Faculty  239A_J1       239A_J1      239B_J1  
Rebecca Lewis, Au.D
JTC Adjunct Faculty        236B_J1    
Barbara Locker-Halmy, MS  
Adjunct Faculty 
Induction Mentor Coord 
Outreach Coord  
241      325A 325C 326A   241     325A 325C & 326A   
Teckla Lowdermilk, MA
Adjunct Faculty  226B      226A 226B     226A
Renee Lucero, PhD
JTC Adjunct Faculty       233_J1        233_J1    
Mary McGinnis, MA 
JTC Adjunct Faculty     234A_J1        234A_J1  
Lisa Moncayo, MA
Adjunct Faculty     1/279        1/279     
Elise Morgan, MS
Adjunct Faculty  1/208B_D1   1/251B   1/208B_D2    1/251B     
Tisha Reichle-Aguilera, MFA
Adjunct Faculty     299          
Melanie Ronning, MA 
Adjunct Faculty   1/208A  &
270B ***
  1/208A & 1/268   1/208A & 1/268     1/208A & 1/268   
Litzy Ruiz, PhD
Adjunct Faculty      1/251A        1/251A   
Claribelle Sanchez, Au.D 
JTC Adjunct Faculty        236A_J1         
Diana Sanchez Cadigan, MA 
JTC Adjunct Faculty         218_J1       
Dominique Schwenzfeier, M.Ed
Adjunct Faculty   1/255        1/255       
Anna Marie Silva, MA
Adjunct Faculty             240   
Timothy Skinner, MS 
Adjunct Faculty   225B           225C   
Janette Tovar, MS 
Adjunct Faculty  225D     225A & 225C 225B & 225D     225A & 225C  
Elizabeth Weiner, MS
Adjunct Faculty  1/210_D1 1/210_D2      1/256  & 1/210   1/210     1/256_D1 & D2
Margaret Winter, MS
JTC Adjunct Faculty  236B          
Crystal Ziko-Johnson, MA
Adjunct Faculty      271      

Note: The John Tracy Clinic (JTC) pre-school is a part of the public school system. As a NPS/NPA it provides direct and related services for public school districts in CA. It follows mandates/ guidelines of the state which provides approval certification. The teachers are credentialed, the curriculum, the facility, the faculty have been approved by the state which upholds the certification.

*Key/methods courses in the credential programs.

**EDU 205 was last taught in Spring 2019 as an elective course

***EDU 270B was last taught in Fall 2018 as an elective course

Content Area Coaches

*CAM stands for Content Area Module

NameSubjectSP20 CourseSS20 CourseFA20 CourseSP21 CourseSS21 CourseFA21 Course
Lauren Bowman  Music     EDU 1/266 CAM-Music          
Erika Castaneda-Flores  Science     EDU 1/266 CAM-Science ; EDU 1/268 CAM-Science        
Gerry Coachnio  Physics        EDU 1/267 CAM-Science        
Leyla Fikes   Languages & Social Science EDU 1/267 CAM-Languages
EDU 1/267 CAM-Social Science
Pati Jauregui   English      EDU 1/266 CAM-English           
James Knutson   Math      EDU 1/266 CAM-Math         
Sarah Lara   Biology              
Justin Lee  Music        EDU 1/267 CAM-Music       
Peggy Lew  Math & Science       EDU 1/267 CAM-Math    
Jacquie Ramirez  English        EDU 1/267 CAM-English     EDU 1/268 CAM-English
Sandra Reyes-Aguayo   Languages      EDU 1/268 CAM-Languages           
Shane Riddle   Math      EDU 1/268 CAM-Math       
Timothy Skinner   Social Science     EDU 1/268 CAM-Social Science             
Marianna Tabares   English             

University Supervisors

NameSP20 CourseSS20 CourseFA20 CourseSP21 CourseSS21 CourseFA21 Course
Mary Blair         316C & E       
Marie Collins   364C     116A & B   316A & B      
Amiee Dyrek         116A & B     
Judith Friedman   378A       378B & E       
Allison Leggit   364A, B & C      364C    364C       
Kathleen Nocella  116A & B; 316A & B     116A & B ; 316C   116A & B; 316C      
Sr. Ann Patricia O’Connor        116A & B      
Liora Pier        164A & B; 364C      
Joanne Testacross       316C      
Janette Tovar      1/364 A&B   164A/B     
Sr. Genevieve Vigil  316A & B           
Elizabeth Weiner  378B & E       378B & E      

University Mentors

NameSP20 CourseSS20 CourseFA20 CourseSP21 CourseSS21 CourseFA21 Course
Susan Martin   318; 318EL            
Liora Pier   318; 318EL            
Sandra Reyes-Aguayo   318; 318EL            
Lizbeth Robles         318; 318EL      
Kris Sandeen-Barbosa       318; 318EL   318; 318EL      
Zachary Sandoval       318; 318EL   318; 318EL      
Diana Serna       318; 318EL   318; 318EL      
Timothy Skinner  318; 318EL           
Susan Torales     318; 318EL  318; 318EL     
Elizabeth Weiner       318; 318EL   318; 318EL      

Undergraduate Mentors

NameSP20 CourseSS20 CourseFA20 CourseSP21 CourseSS21 CourseFA21 Course
Sr. Ann Patricia O’Connor    117 (UGM)             

Induction Coaches

NameSP20 CourseSS20 CourseFA20 CourseSP21 CourseSS21 CourseFA21 Course
Silvia Carranza       326A         
Sheryl Kampleman-Tschappat       326A         
Leticia Murphy       326A         
Gregory Pitts       326A         
Carol Wright       326A         
Timothy Skinner       326A         

Induction Mentors

NameSP20 CourseSS20 CourseFA20 CourseSP21 CourseSS21 CourseFA21 Course
Raquel Arciniega       326A         
Gwendolyn Braude       325A        
Silvia Carranza       325B; 325A         
Joanne Colisto       326A         
Gilda De La Cruz   326A            
Maria Dominguez       325A       
Kellie Duffy       326A       
Nancy Figueroa       326A       
Doris Flores       326A       
Jenne Hakanen       326A       
Caitlin Hall-Vafi       326A       
Molly Harding       326A       
Luis Hayes       326A       
Petra Hellstrom       326A       
Amy Hickl       326A       
Lisa Knatcal       326A       
Rachel Kolbeck       326A       
Nan Lehnert       325A; 326A         
Michael Letton       326A       
Margaret Ludwig      326A      
Elisa Machon       326A; 325A         
Nicole MacLennan       326A       
Maria Martin       325B      
Melissa Martin       326A       
Christelle McFerran       326A       
Christelle Naddaf      326A       
Katelyn Olsen       326A       
Trimeka Queen       326A       
Jennifer Reynaga       326A       
Claudia Rodarte-Villagrana       326A       
Maria Sanchez Silva       326A       
Sali Seyhun       326A       
Erin Solari       326A       
Sheryl Soriano       326A       
Joanne Testacross       326A       
Katrina Tran       326A       
Lise Traphagen       325A; 325B         

3.3 Published Adjunct Experience and Qualifications Requirements

Faculty Handbook


(Refer to section A.4 Adjunct Appointments of Faculty Handbook for Adjunct Requirements)

3.4 Position Announcement

Adjunct Position Announcement