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CCTC Accreditation


Common Standard 5

As a small program, much of our knowledge of the impact of our graduates is anecdotal.  We receive many emails from principals and district hiring personnel requesting our candidates, as well as positive feedback during conversations with our partnering schools.  We are often told of leadership positions that our graduates have taken at schools. Supervised teaching feedback rubrics and scores on the TPA give us information about the competence of our students upon graduation, but impact remains more elusive.

A large portion of our candidates go on to serve in local Catholic Schools and Charters.  This results in a small number of graduates employed in the large districts that collect data on new teachers. Thus, we have begun conversations with the largest employer of our graduates, the Department of Catholic Schools (Los Angeles Archdiocese).  The Department of Catholic Schools is not in direct supervision of the Los Angeles Catholic Schools.  Rather, each school has autonomy, often led by the Parish priest.  This system requires a bit of creativity to allow for the gathering of retention and performance data for our graduates, although we have the support of the Department of Catholic Schools to gather these data. We piloted a survey in Fall 2021 that elicits information about the impact of our graduates on students/families, degree of preparedness, and retention. This survey was sent to two of our partner schools with recent hires of MSMU candidates.  We are currently working on a system to regularly solicit this information from the Principals at schools currently served by our candidates. We have received support from the Department of Catholic Schools to help to distribute the survey and encourage participation. Feedback from the pilot survey indicated that our students were well prepared to work with the students and families in the diverse communities in which they are located.  One principal replied, “They are all leaders in the school and have made positive impacts in our school community”.  We have also had the opportunity to meet with the principals involved with the pilot and other team members to revise the survey to get more information about retention, ability to teach in equitable ways, and teacher/leadership roles.  The pilot survey results are shown in St. Vincent Principal Feedback and St. Turibius Principal Feedback .