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Susana Perez

Susana Headshot

Susana Perez

Assistant Director
Text Me: 323.746.1928
Call Me: 310.954.4417

San Mateo County, San Jose, Santa Clara County, South/South Central Los Angeles and the states of NJ and NY

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About Susana

she/her/hers, they/them/theirs

West Hollywood, CA

Alma mater
Carleton College

Undergraduate major/minor
Sociology and Anthropology with a concentration in Women’s and Gender Studies

Favorite thing to do or place in Los Angeles
Favorite would be at home with my cats… but in all seriousness, my favorite thing is listening to the LA Philharmonic Orchestra play at the Hollywood Bowl. Nothing like listening to music under the night sky!

Favorite spot on campus
The cafeteria patio at Chalon has a really great view and is a great spot to get some sun and catch up with friends in the middle of a hectic day.

Best college memory
Hands down my best memory was meeting and becoming close with my best friend. People tell you that the friends you make in college are for life and that is so true! It was so amazing to encourage each other’s growth and be there for each other through every challenge.

Favorite thing about MSMU
The sense of community at MSMU is unreal! I love knowing that everyone here is so committed to caring for and supporting everyone else around them. It’s that kind of support that makes you feel Unstoppable.

Advice for an incoming student
Take advantage of every resource offered! That means going to office hours, getting free tutoring, getting involved in clubs, and asking for what you need. College is a unique time in your life when you’re surrounded by a community that wants nothing more than to help you succeed.