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Nursing Admission


Application Checklist and Prerequisites

Associate Degree in Nursing Program

Apply to the Associate Degree in Nursing Program

The following are prerequisite requirements for all applications to the Associate Degree in Nursing program. Please review them by using the section below for more information.

Please submit the following for consideration into the Associate Degree in Nursing Program. Choose which ADN option is right for you (new or returning applicant) by clicking the appropriate section for more information.

Use the section below to learn more about the Nursing Entrance Exam you will take once your application has been evaluated for admission.

Key Dates

  • For the spring term, application opens June 1. Your required documents must arrive at the Admission Office or be postmarked by September 1. The start date for the spring term is early January.
  • For the fall term, application opens January 1. Your documents must arrive or be postmarked by April 1. The start date for the fall term is end of August.

Students may not apply to more than one of our nursing programs within the same start term.

Mailing Address
ATTN: Office of Admission
10 Chester Place
Los Angeles, CA 90007
Fax Number: 213-477-2569

Submit Electronic Documents to
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