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International Student Services

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We understand how hard it may have been for you to make the decision to travel far from home to pursue your university education. Depending on where you come from, the United States may seem radically different from your familiar way of life.

For that reason, Mount Saint Mary’s University has dedicated resources from both the Admission Office and the Center for Global Initiatives to assist you. The team is ready not only to help you understand the campus and the education you'll receive at the Mount, but also to guide you through the application process and to provide a smooth transition to American culture, with the goal of your own personal and academic success and growth in mind.

We will reply to you promptly (given time zone and date line considerations) and provide you with a direct contact that you may use at any time for assistance, information, and guidance as you move through your application process.

After you apply for admission to MSMU, the Center for Global Initiatives will provide you with information and assistance on applying for your F-1 Student Visa, securing housing, making sure payments are made on time, and more.

The Center for Global Initiatives also provides support for exchange visitors who come to the Mount from other countries.