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Online Registration: New Students

Welcome to Online Registration for the New Traditional Undergraduate Students for Spring 2016!

Online Registration Dates For Spring 2016: November 2nd through January 10th

Participants, below you will find some very important information that you will need to know prior to doing your registration online.

The Registrars & Advising Offices will help answer any questions you might have or any clarification you may need.


Financial Aid Notice: If you drop below half-time (less than 6 units), you will lose your eligibility for Federal Stafford Loans. You must fill out a Loan Exit Counseling Form prior to graduating or taking a leave of absence from MSMU.

Office Contacts

Registrar 310.954.4020
Business Office 310.954.4040
Health Services 310.954.4110
Academic Advisement 310.954.4070
Student Financing 310.954.4190

NOTE: During high traffic times, you may be asked to come back to the site at a later time. Your registration will be processed upon submission and is not considered complete until you receive notification.

Any information viewed in this system is private and bound by FERPA guidelines. By logging into this system, you acknowledge that you will abide by MSMU and FERPA guidelines regarding privacy of records.

For more information regarding your privacy rights please go the following link: FERPA Guidelines