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Stop Do Not!

Do not:

  • DO NOT disclose confidential non-directory information about a student to the media. The official spokesperson for the university is Debbie Ream, Director, Communications & Marketing 213-477-2505 or
  • Link a student’s name with his/her social security number, MSMU student ID number, or any portion of these numbers in any manner.
  • Send confidential information such as grades in an email.
  • Leave graded tests, papers, or other student materials for students to pick up in a stack that requires sorting through the papers of all students.
  • Include confidential information such as grades or GPA in a recommendation without the written consent of the student.
  • Discuss the progress of any student with anyone other than the student or the student’s advisor without the consent of the student. Refer inquiries from any other parties including the student’s parents to the student’s academic Dean.
  • Provide anyone with lists or files of students enrolled in your classes for any commercial purpose.
  • Provide anyone with student schedules or assist anyone other than university employees in finding a student on campus. Refer such inquiries to Campus Police.
  • Access the records of any student for personal reasons.
  • Release your password for ANY reason.