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Faculty and Staff FERPA Training

All faculty and staff, as well as any other agents of the university who request access to student information in the student information system, need to complete FERPA training. The training program is intended to insure that anyone accessing student education records understands the obligations under FERPA for proper use and protection of student records. Therefore, access to the student information system may be denied until this training has been completed.   To keep updated with all changes to the law, all staff and faculty shall be required to complete FERPA online training every two years.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of student educational records and establishes rights for students relative to the disclosure of these records. As a recipient of federal education funding, Mount Saint Mary’s University is subject to this act. To ensure consistent observance of the requirements of FERPA, all faculty and staff who have access to student information through the university's student information systems (Colleague/Datatel, WebAdvisor, Angel/Canvas, ImageNow,  paper records, or any other media containing FERPA protected student information) must complete FERPA training. This training is designed to prepare members of the campus community to fully understand the responsibilities of handling student record information under FERPA:

  • A record of individuals who have completed FERPA training will be maintained by the university Registrar.
  • Before a faculty or staff member can gain on-line access to data, he/she must participate in online FERPA training.  Access to administrative computing systems, including Colleague/Datatel, WebAdvisor  and Canvas, will be allowed only after completion of FERPA training.
  • Any questions regarding this training should be directed to the Registrar’s Office.
  • The Provost and/or Director of Human Resources will be notified of any individual who violates FERPA.
  • Any individual who violates FERPA will be required to retake training.