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Mission Statement:

Student learning is at the core of the Mount Saint Mary’s University mission. Each faculty and staff member supports this mission in his and her own way through the contributions they make to the University community. We work together to articulate and assess student outcomes in three areas. First, departments assess whether their graduates have the knowledge, skills and attitudes expected of someone in the field. Second, the university determines whether students have been broadly educated, through general studies, in a way that ensures they have the knowledge and skills needed to succeed as educated individuals. Finally, the university assesses co-curricular outcomes to document the Mount’s effectiveness at educating the whole student. The goal of Mount Saint Mary’s University’s assessment program is to inform program improvement that will lead, ultimately, to a stronger student experience and enhanced student learning.

Mount Saint Mary’s University has a culture of assessment. This means:

  • Community members share a common commitment to improving student learning and a common language to guide this work
  • Students know at the outset what their expected learning outcomes are for the course, the major or program, and the general studies curriculum.
  • Faculty and staff continually assess the nature and extent of student learning.
  • Lessons about student learning inform curricular, pedagogical, and administrative decisions.
  • The goal of assessment efforts at MSMU is to improve teaching and learning.
  • The overall results of student performance will be available to students, faculty, staff and other interested parties on University webpages

Mount Saint Mary’s University has defined Undergraduate Learning Goals and Graduate Learning Goals. Individual academic programs have also identified program-specific student learning outcomes. Please see webpages of departments or programs of interest to view these student learning outcomes.

Our intent is for assessment to result in an open and ongoing conversation, where we can share ideas and strategies for more effectively supporting our students and achieving our mission. The University is committed to maintaining a vibrant assessment program that is proactive, supportive and focused on improvement.


Michele Starkey
Associate Provost