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Human Resources Management

Earn your Certificate in Human Resources Management

Our HR Management program was designed with employer input - from Fortune 500 companies to small, local businesses. We built our program around experience that matters. In our project-based courses you can expect to do real-world projects like building a compensation plan or developing a training program.

Employment of HR managers (median annual pay of $121,220) is projected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to grow significantly from 2020 to 2030. This is not by accident - as advancements are made in best practices and new technologies within Human Resource Departments, companies are willing to pay up to find the most talented individuals available, as they recognize the value of having highly talented people in those positions. HR managers have a tremendously valuable impact not just on the companies they work for, but on individual co-workers within the organization, and play an integral role in the modern economy. 

As the role of an HR professional within the workforce changes, students will need to adapt their skill sets in order to land these lucrative and prestigious positions. The increasingly focused skill set desired by employers is no longer served by general business degrees. In today’s economy, it is essential that aspiring HR professionals receive training and experience in coordinating the administrative functions of an organization, hiring and training employees, handling inter-company disputes, working with HR software, and other skills that will be important to their job on day one.

Our Human Resources Management Certificate program is intended to provide students with the relevant skills to address these areas and to succeed as the highest performers in this burgeoning field. While they will also receive a traditional business education, graduates from this program will be able to point to specific skills they have learned and developed in HR that will allow them to stand out amongst all applicants. 

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What does an HR manager do?

  • Cultural Growth: Put in place policies that help employees feel valued, motivated, safe and engaged.
  • Organizational Support: Recruiting, managing and supporting new hires
  • Personal Advancement: Help employees succeed and advance
  • Procedural Support: Create official policies, best practices and meaningful benefits
  • Organizational Mission: Work towards your organization’s strategy, goals and mission

Admission and Aid

Certificate in Human Resources Management Courses

BUS 157 Human Resources Development      3
BUS 184 Organizational Behavior         3
HRM I Training and Development   None
HRM II Total Compensation Management   None
HRM III Employment and Labor Law  BUS 5, BUS 184
HRM IV  Human Resource Risk Management BUS 157, HRM III
Total Credit Hours      18

Student Learning Outcomes

With a Certificate in Human Resources Management from Mount Saint Mary’s University, students will be able to:

  • Develop and evaluate training and development programs using best practices in professional instructional design, including the ability to meaningfully gauge the impact of training programs
  • analyze and apply processes and procedures surrounding compensation management
  • identify and apply relevant employment and labor laws to a given human resources initiative
  • assess the scale of businesses risks associated with a given human resources initiative, including and exceeding those posed by compliance needs