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Data Analytics

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This is a project-based program that not only teaches you the exact skills employers are looking for, but also gives you real, hands-on experience that will help you in your career.

With starting salaries between $65,000 to $115,000, it’s clear that studying Data Analytics provides you with a great path to making six figures. There’s also never been a better time to enter the field, as jobs are growing 25% over the next decade – that’s much, much quicker than the average field. The door of opportunities is wide open. 

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Admission and Aid

Certificate in Data Analytics Courses

BUS 193 Special Topics None 3
CSC II  Programming for Everyone 1 None 3
CSC III   Programming for Everyone 2  CSC II 3
DAM I Foundations of Data Analytics I None
DAM II Foundations of Data Analytics II DAM I
DAM III Principles and Techniques of Data Analytics I DAM II, CSC III
Total Credit Hours      18



Student Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate and apply fundamental statistical concepts in the context of a broad range of data problems, including Bayes Theorem, common statistical test and biases, inference and casual inference and hypothesis testing
  • Perform in-depth exploratory analysis to form hypotheses and use visualization techniques to communicate insights
  • Design experiments to answer causal questions and evaluate the results of the experiments
  • Apply and evaluate machine learning algorithms in a business problem context, with an emphasis on selective predictive modeling only when appropriate
  • Perform feature engineering and data preprocessing in order to improve the accuracy and efficacy or predictive models