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Hu Ying



Dr. Hu Ying, Associate Professor of Chinese Literature, Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures, University of California, Irvine earned her doctoral degree from Princeton University.

The focus of her research is the literature and culture of late 19th to early 20th century China, a fascinating period that witnessed rapid changes in every aspect of the Chinese world. This period of great ideological and cultural fluidity bred a generation of independent thinkers. I am specifically interested in seeing how women at the time - revolutionaries, writers, artists - understood and intervened in such changes of political system, cultural values and gender norms.

As a feminist scholar, I pay close attention to the relationship between feminisms from different cultural traditions, the interaction, domestication, appropriation that occur when these traditions come into contact/conflict. As a Chinese scholar, part of my research attention is inevitably turned toward contemporary China.

Background Readings

  • China vs Europe
  • Engendering Heroism
  • Voicing the Feminine
  • Fong, Grace. Herself an Author: Gender, Agency, and Writing in Late Imperial China. University of Hawaii Press, 2008
  • Samei, Maija Bell. Gendered Persona and Poetic Voice: The Abandoned Woman in Early Chinese Song Lyrics. Lexington Books, 2004.