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Guidelines for Transfer to Archives

Articles, Books, & More!

Types of records and documents eligible for transfer

  • Agendas and minutes of regularly occurring meetings
  • Regularly produced reports, summaries and planning documents in final form
  • Final versions of internally produced special reports, studies or surveys presented to MSMU Administration
  • Files from major programs that have been concluded
  • Regularly appearing manuals and handbooks
  • All msmu-produced publications
  • Select documentation of campus-wide special events
  • Select photographic prints with appropriate identification

Material currently ineligible for archiving

Because of digital copyright issues and the current complexity and cost of preserving electronic materials, the following types of material are typically excluded. We hope that in the not-too-distant future we will be able to accept archival-quality digital originals for permanent retention. 

  • Digital video and photography
  • Email unless printed and in file folders
  • MSMU Web pages except printable PDFs
  • Audio and multimedia tapes, DVDs, CDs and flash memory devices
  • Documents or other content stored on third-party websites, including Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Google Docs, blogs, etc.
  • Any material to which MSMU does not hold clear copyright

Please consult with the College Archives for assistance in identifying appropriate materials.

  • Charles Willard Coe Memorial Library

    Chalon Campus
    Phone: 310.954.4370

    Monday-Thursday: 8am-10pm
    Friday: 8am-4:30pm
    Saturday: 9am-5pm
    Sunday: 10am-10pm

  • J. Thomas McCarthy Library

    Doheny Campus
    Phone: 213.477.2750

    Monday-Thursday: 8am-9pm
    Friday: 8am-4:30pm
    Saturday: 8am-9pm
    Sunday: 8am-9pm