Remote Access Information

  • While in EZ-Proxy mode, only use links on the web pages. (Do not use the "home" button, "favorites" or "bookmarks," or input into the location bar.) Use "back" and "forward" buttons freely. URLs bookmarked during this session will not work after you logout.

    Please deactivate any proxy configuration settings you may have made in your browser software's preferences/options files. Be sure that your browser software has been allowed to accept "cookies" in your browser's preferences/options settings. Cookies expire and are removed upon closing your browser sessions. Be sure that Java/JavaScript preferences/options are enabled.

    With the everyday issues in our databases changing servers and/or companies, it is a good idea to press Control >> F5 to refresh the database server if you have accessed a particular database before and are currently experiencing problems. Pressing F5 in Internet Explorer refreshes the page you are on only with the most current files, cookies and cache in your own computer, the server may have files, cookies and cache with the same name, but your computer may not have the most recent versions, Pressing Control >> F5 forces the server you are connected to, to refresh in real time with the most recent versions of these files. It is not recommended to try F5 or Control >> F5 if you are not having problems accessing the databases remotely.

    Off-campus system uses EZ-Proxy, which will not work with AOL's browser. If you are currently using an AOL browser and want to successfully access the Library resources from off-campus, please leave AOL online and active; preferably on another website(anything but the Library website will do), then start Internet Explorer from the Desktop or in your Start Button>Programs or Start>Run and type in "iexplore"(without the quotes) and access EZ-Proxy. You must start in Internet Explorer at the Library webpage and re-enter your MSMU barcode when prompted.