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Program Goals & Outcomes


Mount St. Mary’s University has a culture of assessment.  This means

  • Community members share a common commitment to improving student learning and a common language to guide this work
  • Students know at the outset what their expected learning outcomes are for the course, the major or program, and the general studies curriculum.
  • Faculty and staff continually assess the nature and extent of student learning.
  • Lessons about student learning inform curricular, pedagogical, and administrative decisions.
  • The goal of assessment efforts at MSMU is to improve teaching and learning.
  • The overall results of student performance will be available to students, faculty, staff and other interested parties on College webpages

Learning Assistance Program at Chalon:


  1. Students will gain relevant and valuable information relative to Academic Skill Development through workshop attendance.

  2. Students receiving academic probation counseling will be able to define and implement basic strategies for overcoming probation status.

  3. Peer tutors participating in CRLA Tutor Training will be able to identify the basic concepts and lessons associated with each CRLA training module, including defining basic strategies and methods.

  4. Based on their knowledge and skills, peer clients will perceive their tutors as effective.


Doheny Learning Resource Center





Students learn college readiness skills and content through Summer Skills and Special Programs (SPR) Courses.

  1. Students demonstrate effective time management

  2. Students demonstrate effective use of study skills

  3. Students reflect on use of study skills

  4. Students demonstrate proficiency in reading

  5. Students demonstrate proficiency in basic math (fractions, decimals, percent)

  6. Students demonstrate proficiency in writing


Students receive timely tutoring.

  1. Tutoring