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Honors Scholars’ Honors Theses

Honors Program Students

2017-2018 Honors Theses

Michelle Timoteo Balingit
EntrepreneHERs: Women in Business
Prof. Mary Trunk, First Reader
Prof. Christian Teeter, Second Reader

Francesca Angelina Martin
Ethics and Business Leadership in the 21st Century: A Philosophical Approach
Dr. Paul Green, First Reader
Dr. Michelle French-Holloway, Second Reader

Samantha Meisenhelder
Preemptive Opioid-Sparing Pediatric Pain Protocol
Dr. Michelle Melendres, First Reader
Dr. Peter Poon, Second Reader

Mariana Porras
A Study of the Impact of Mentoring Relationships for the Advancement of Latina Graduate Students 
Dr. Michelle Melendres, First Reader
Dr. Amanda Romero, Second Reader

Emely Vargas
The Influence of School Funding on Student Achievement
Dr. Pam Haldeman, First Reader
Dr. Shelly Tochluk, Second Reader

Laura Elizabeth Yocum
The Psychology of Bullying and Techniques for Early Intervention
Dr. Michelle Melendres, First Reader
Prof. Yuliana Garcia, Second Reader