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Honors Program Requirements

In order to complete the Honors Program and graduate with special completion recognition as an Honors Scholar on your Mount Saint Mary’s University transcript, Honors Scholars must maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPA and complete the following requirements:

Honors Curriculum:

Honors Scholars admitted into the Honors Program with “Honors at Entrance” must complete 24 units in Honors Curriculum. Honors Scholars admitted into the Honors Program as a current Mount Saint Mary’s University student must complete 22 units in Honors Curriculum.

  • Honors Seminars: Fundamental to our Honors Seminars is the integration of a community immersion and service-learning component.
    • FYS_001H: First Year Seminar Foundations Honors (2 units, Fall semester – only required of incoming first year students admitted into the Honors Program with Honors at Entrance)
    • HON_198A_H/HON_198B_H: The Honors Capstone (Fall, 1 unit; Spring 1 unit, must be taken in a consecutive year)
    • HON_199A_H/HON_199B_H: The Honors Thesis(Fall, 1 unit; Spring 1 unit, must be taken in a consecutive year)

  • Honors Capstone. The Honors Capstone is designed to build upon our Honors Scholars' academic and leadership skills as a means to foster the Mount’s spirit to serve by responding to current issues our local and global communities are facing. Honors Scholars will collectively select an issue to explore and execute a project as a means to incorporate a service learning or community immersion component to increase awareness and or influence change. As part of the Honors Capstone, select Honors Scholars will represent their cohort to present their Honors Capstone during the University’s Academic Symposium.

  • Honors Thesis. The Honors Thesis is designed to allow our Honors Scholars a chance to use their accumulated skills and knowledge to execute an Honors Thesis from an interdisciplinary perspective. Honors Scholars will complete an individual original research project or produce an original creative piece under the mentorship and supervision of faculty readers.
    • 3 units in directed/independent study for your Honors Thesis (in conjunction with HON_199B_H). As part of the Honors Thesis, Honors Scholars are required to present their final Honors Thesis during the University’s Academic Symposium.
  • Honors Courses. Honors Courses receive an “H” designation on Honors Scholars’ transcripts and also fulfill University general studies, upper division requirements, and major requirements.
    • 15 units in Honors Courses (excluding Honors Seminar Courses) by Honors Sections or Honors Contracts.

Honors Advisement:

In addition to the requirement that all Mount Saint Mary’s University students meet with their Academic Advisors prior to registering for the upcoming semester, Honors Scholars are also required to meet with the Director of the Honors Program each semester to discuss their progress in the Honors Program. Only Honors Scholars who fulfill their Honors Advisement requirement will receive priority registration for each respective registration period.

Honors Program Community:

The Honors Program provides its students with a variety of exclusive co-curricular activities and social events both on and off campus. We are committed to the creation of an Honors Program community akin to an “extended family” to offer academic and social support. As a result, Honors Scholars are required to participate in at least two Honors Program events per semester. Some of these “Honors Program Happenings” co-curricular activities or social events on regular rotation include our:

  • City as Text Series where we immerse in the community through neighborhood walking tours, visits to local museums, etc.
  • Coffee & Conversations Series where we gather over breakfast and coffee to ask and answer all Honors Scholars’ “get to know you” questions.
  • De-Stress Hour Series where we gather during midterm exams or final exams to engage in stress free activities such as adult coloring, arts and crafts, greeting card making for patients at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, etc.
  • Food For Thought Series where we explore and taste the vast range of local and global cuisines throughout Los Angeles.
  • Lunch Bunch Series where we take a short break from studying for midterm exams or final exams over an off-campus catered lunch provided in the company of fellow Honors Scholars.