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Job Interview Tips

Job Interview Tips

Once you have completed and turned in all paperwork to the Student Employment Coordinator you may begin hunting for a job by contacting department supervisors to confirm the availability of the job and to schedule an interview. The application and interview process differs among student jobs.

Student Job interviews are often fairly informal. However, while on an interview, you should:

  • Dress appropriately.
  • Conduct yourself in a professional manner.
  • Provide accurate information regarding your skills, past work experiences, and/or professional references (if requested).

Supervisors usually address the following topics during a student job interview:

  • Responsibilities of the job
  • Pay rate for the job
  • Job requirements (skill set, experience, etc.)
  • Training required to perform the job
  • Start date and length of employment
  • Number of hours per week required for the job and available schedule
  • Reference information

By the end of the interview, you should know:

  • What the responsibilities of the job are,
  • What the pay rate for the job is,
  • What type and length of training is required to perform the job,
  • Your work schedule for the current semester, and
  • Your start date and length of employment.

Feel free to ask questions if you would like more information on any aspect of the job!

Don't Forget! The Student Employment Office staff is always available to assist you through the job search and interview process. Please contact us for job search assistance or interviewing help.

Additional information about effective interviewing is available at the Career Planning Office.

Cover Letters and Resumes

Most Work-Study jobs do not require students to submit a cover letter and resume. However, should the supervisor request a cover letter and/or resume from you, you may find some helpful tips at the Career Planning Office.

Additional Assistance from the Career Planning Office

Please feel free to contact the Office of Career Planning at (310) 954-4070.