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The Student Employment Office works with currently enrolled students to assist them in their employment endeavors through different types of Student Employment Programs at MSMU.


Currently MSMU employs over 500 students through the Student Employment Program. The Student Employment Program enables students to earn part of their financial award through part-time employment either on or off campus. The program is designed to promote access to employment opportunities for eligible students and to assist students in meeting their educational expenses.

The Student Employment staff is available to assist both students and supervisors with any Work-Study related questions and issues. Students may contact the Student Employment Coordinator to request assistance in their job search, to discuss on-the-job issues, or to resolve other Work-Study related problems. Supervisors are encouraged to contact the Student Employment Coordinator with any questions, concerns, or requests for assistance in meeting their student staffing needs. The Student Employment Coordinator is also available to work with supervisors on student conduct and/or performance issues.

Students may find additional Work-Study program information in A Guide to Student Employment, and supervisors may consult the Student Employment Supervisor's Manual for additional program information.

Types of Work-Study

Federal Work-Study (FWS)

FWS is a financial aid program funded by the federal government and administered by MSMU. To be eligible, a student must meet the eligibility requirements for federal financial aid and maintain good academic standing while employed under the program. FWS is awarded to students who demonstrate financial need after completing an application for financial aid (FAFSA). It entitles students to apply for jobs on campus and if hired, they may earn up to the amount of their work-study award.

Mount Work Study (MWS)

MWS is financial aid awarded to students who show financial need and who according to government regulations are not eligible to receive FWS. MWS entitles students to the same opportunities as FWS.

Other Departments Associated with Student Employment

Some services of the Student Employment Office:
  • Provide training for supervisors and support training of student employees.
  • Instruct department supervisors and student employees of hiring procedures and coordinate these procedures.
  • Provide student employees with listings of on-campus job opportunities, descriptions, and skills necessary for these jobs.
  • Prepare, distribute, and enforce government and school regulations and policies.
  • Prepare and update master list of all departments, their job openings, titles, levels, code numbers and their supervisors.
  • Keep current and past employment records of student employees as well as departments’ job descriptions and students’ I-9 forms.
  • Input students into the Student Employment Computer Program each year and keep these records updated.
  • Input the payroll every two weeks and reconcile students’ and departments’ earnings with official payroll sheets.
  • Maintain records of students’ and department earnings.
  • Monitor students’ earnings and provide students with tables to keep track of their earnings.
  • Employment assistance to supervisors and student employees.
  • Makes final decision on job level and rate of pay.
Student Financing Office
  • Awards work-study to students.
  • Evaluates appeals for student employment awards and increases in award.
Payroll Office
  • Makes pay checks available for distribution.
Career Center
  • Provides part-time off-campus job opportunities to enrolled students including babysitting.
  • Provides students with job related information, such as resumes, cover letters, interviewing (including mock interviews), appropriate dress . . .
  • Helps students with their career and major choices.
  • Provides students with information about internship opportunities.
  • Monitors and helps students with the Mount Career Network.