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Traditional Undergraduate

Net Price Calculator

The Cost Calculator is designed to help families determine how much it will cost to attend Mount Saint Mary’s University. Please be advised that this is an estimate only and is subject to change depending on the accuracy of the information that you provide.

Net Price Calculator

Tuition and Fees

Undergraduate Students (2021-2022)
Full-Time (12-18 units/semester) $44,088/year
Full-Time (per unit) (units in excess of 18/semester) $1,837
Part-Time (per unit) (less than 12 units/semester) $1,837
University Services Fee (per semester) $650 (full-time)
$187 (part-time)
Health Insurance Fee: $1,059 (Fall Only) $1,721 (Spring & Summer)
Summer 2022 (New Incoming Only) $808
*For Nursing Majors only, the following fees apply:
Nursing Program Fee $455
Nursing Professional Fee $485