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Traditional Undergraduate

Tuition and Fees

Undergraduate Students (2022-2023)
Full-Time (12-18 units/semester) $45,388/year
Full-Time (per unit) (units in excess of 18/semester) $1,891
Part-Time (per unit) (less than 12 units/semester) $1,891
University Services Fee (per semester) $676 (full-time)
$194 (part-time)
$50 for Summer term only
Health Insurance Fee (above 9 units) $1,059 Fall 2021
$1,721 Spring & Summer 2023
$808 Summer 2023 New Incoming Only
Undergraduate Summer Courses $90/credit
*For Nursing Majors only, the following fees apply:
Nursing Program Fee (Clinical) $473
Nursing Professional Fee $504