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Campus Parking Policy

Effective January 2020

Designated "Visitor Parking Only" Spaces

Each campus will have 10 designated “Visitor Parking Only” spaces for guest parking. These parking spaces are for guests who have been granted complimentary parking and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Doheny Campus “Visitor Parking Only” spaces will be the first 10 spaces on the right side as one enters campus. On the Chalon Campus, there will be eight “Visitor Parking Only” spaces in the Circle and two in Lot G3. Both locations were selected to facilitate security’s monitoring of the spaces. The 10 spaces at each campus will have printed signs on display that read “Visitor Parking Only.” All visitors must obtain a complimentary parking pass from security to park in these spaces. If the pass is not on display, there is the chance of your guest getting a parking citation. Visitors who pay for parking are not permitted to park in these spots.

Complimentary Parking

We will no longer offer Reserved Parking for faculty and staff visitors coming to campus. We will only offer Complimentary parking. Complimentary parking is only for visitors doing official business with the University. Any persons working on Mount Saint Mary’s University campuses are not eligible for complimentary parking and are responsible for paying for their own parking permit or daily parking rate. Whether full-time, part-time or a temporary employee, the individual must purchase a parking permit through the Office of Transportation and Parking or pay the daily parking fee at the entrance.

You will now request complimentary parking for your guests via 25Live Express Scheduling, which is part of our 25Live reservation tool. This is a new way to reserve complimentary parking. Simply click here and go to 25Live Express Scheduling Event.

Faculty and staff making the complimentary parking request are responsible for telling guests that there are designated “Visitor Parking Only” spaces. If none of the designated spaces are available (because they are on a first-come, first-served basis), the guest must find parking elsewhere on campus. When your guest arrives, security will issue them a complimentary parking pass, which they must display on their dashboard. If the pass is not on the dashboard, there is the chance of your guest getting a parking citation.

Large-Scale Event Parking

Large-scale event parking (50 or more external vehicles) cannot be reserved on 25Live. Once your event is approved on 25Live, please send an email to and cc: to request parking for your guests. The subject line should include "Event Parking Request: Event Date". In this email, please include event name, date and time, expected guest count, 25Live reference number (you will receive this when your event is approved on 25Live), special requests, and a short description of your event. You will receive an email approval. However, please remember to follow up if you do not receive an approval email.

Loading and Unloading Parking

Each campus will have a loading/unloading parking space. These spaces may only be used for up to 15 minutes. Security will monitor these spaces and will issue a citation to anyone who remains longer than the allotted time. These spaces will have a marked sign that reads “Loading/Unloading Only – 15 Mins Max”. The Doheny Campus “Loading/Unloading Only” space is in front of the mansion (near the driveway leading to the mansion and facilities). The Chalon Campus “Loading/Unloading Only” space is in the Circle.

Recurring Complimentary Parking

You will no longer reserve recurring complimentary parking on 25Live Express Scheduling. Please contact Pat Williams in the Office of Transportation and Parking at to obtain a “Recurring Parking Permit” for volunteers who will be on campus on an infrequent but recurring basis. This way, your department does not have to submit the request for parking every week. These guests should NOT park in the new “Visitor Parking Only” spaces as these spaces are only for the ad hoc daily guests. Recurring parking guests should park wherever there is a spot on campus. Requests for these permits will require approval by your department Vice President.