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University and External Events

About MSMU

MSMU Support Services

MSMU support services are the various departments that will assist in making your event a success. While some services and special rentals may be outsourced to third parties, the Mount does have full event service capability.

Catering Gerardo Palma,
Graphics and Signage Joey Tamayo,
Media Services Erik Kieselhorst,
Araceli Hernandez, 
General contact,
Security General contact,
Parking and Transportation General contact,
Facilities/Housekeeping Chalon: John Deeb,
Doheny: Carlos Garcia,
Fitness Center and Pool Chalon: John McQuillan,
Doheny: Lindsay Connors,

*MSMU Requestors: To see a full list of contacts and request forms, please visit Support Services on myMSMU.