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You already wear many hats as an event planner: You’re a creative, a project manager, and a budget specialist. If you plan large-scale events, you need to add another skill to your tool belt: event marketing professional. Marketing is how you spread the word about your event. Successful promotion targets the perfect audience, builds your attendee list, and creates a marketing ripple effect that increases your reach. 

10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Help Promote Your Event

1. Create a marketing campaign timeline

In order to sell tickets or get people to attend your event, you need to be armed with an event marketing strategy that effectively promotes your event to your target audience. This timeline can be incorporated into your master event planning checklist to keep you on track with marketing tasks and deadlines.

2. Engage your primary constituency (aka your invitee list)

Email remains the most effective digital channel out there. Your database of past event participants or partners is a great way to start.

Here are a few ideas on email marketing ideas:

  • Save the date – teaser email with your theme, date and time
  • Announce special tickets, speakers, details of program
  • Exclusive previews of event details and activities
  • Asking for feedback or surveys

Tip: To build your constituency, make sure to add a simple way for people who visit your website to sign up for regular email updates. You may create an incentive for people to opt-in by offering exclusive content for signing up.

3. Utilize the University Event Calendar to feature signature events

Did you know you can feature your signature events on the Mount's public Events Calendar? When you create your events on 25Live, simply choose the option to advertise on the Event’s Calendar and your event will be listed. This is a great way to market your events to the Mount community as well as a broader community outside of the Mount. 

4. Utilize Engage to feature student-centric events

Engage is the primary platform to list and promote Mount student-only events. To learn more about posting on Engage, email

5. Collaborate with event partners and sponsors and Mount departments

We all know it takes a village to get your event off the ground. Why not crowdsource your event marketing efforts to include likeminded event partners and sponsors? Partners and sponsors are already passionate advocates of Mount Saint Mary’s programs. Encourage partners and sponsors to advertise your event on their website and via email marketing and/or social media channels. Remember to also collaborate with other Mount departments to promote your event on their channels or in the department newsletter.

Is this event just for the Mount community? Make sure to let other departments know and to post it on their channels or newsletters.

6. Use an event hashtag

Creating an easy #EventHashtag will help your network find all promotional and cross-promotional efforts. Make sure to place this hashtag on all of your event graphics and tag your event when posting.

Mobilize your event participants (speakers, performers, registrants, partners and sponsors) to use the hashtag when they’re talking about the event. Reinforcing the hashtag helps anchor your event and stay on top of people’s minds.

7. Boost Social Media

You may already be advertising your events on social media. A few things to consider to boost engagement and market your event:

  • After you posted on your timeline, don’t forget to post the same or supplemental post on to stories! Stories on Facebook and Instagram only last 24 hours. A couple benefits of stories is that you can post every day without overwhelming your followers and you can post teasers to your actual post in case someone missed it in their timeline.
  • Keep your posts clean and simple. Don’t give out all of the details in your post. Remember that captions with “Link in Bio” and “Learn More at…” will drive interested parties to your website or registration.
  • Always mention MSMU somewhere on your post. If the post gets shared, people will know who the original post is from.
  • Get with the program. If a platform has a new feature, use it to your advantage! A great example would be IGTV and Reels on Instagram.
  • Create giveaways and specials just for your social media followers. This provides exclusivity and excitement!

8. Sell special tickets

We all love a good sale. Boost you sales and consider selling a few or all of the ticket types below:

  • Early-bird tickets: The early bird gets the worm! These tickets help people who act fast, save some money.
  • Group Tickets: Set a minimum amount of group tickets to give groups or organizations a little incentive to purchase together.
  • VIP Tickets: Discounts are nice but how about tickets that give your attendees a little extra perk? Get creative about what you can offer in addition to general admission ticket goers (i.e. VIP seating, parking, gift bags).
  • Affiliated Tickets: These tickets are discounted by affiliation. This may include faculty, staff, students, partners, sponsors, etc. who get a set discount. You may also decide to let particular groups share this promo with their network, increasing sales outside of your own network.

9. Use MSMU Resources to create your designs

Don’t know where to start? These resources are available for students, faculty and staff!

  • Adobe Spark: Did you know that the entire Adobe suite of products is available to you, including Spark? Boost your promotional prowess by using Spark to create dazzling webpages, social media posts and videos. If you don’t already have the entire Adobe suite on your computer, make an appointment with Media Services (IT Help Desk on myMSMU) to have it remotely installed on your system.
  • Canva: Up your visual design game with Canva! The app is free and includes templates, but paid subscriptions like Canva Pro and Canva for Enterprise provide additional functionality.
  • Zoom Pro: You can get access to MSMU Zoom Pro account (for events). Contact OIT for information, 310.954.4210 for Chalon and 213.477.2970 for Doheny, or make an appointment with Media Services (IT Help Desk on myMSMU).

10. Use MSMU approved branding and formatting

Last but not least, with you all of your marketing efforts it wouldn’t go without saying that you should remain on brand with the Mount. Access the full MSMU Brand Toolkit on the portal to grab style guides, logos, fonts, colors, templates and more!

Note: Project approvals are required for any communications that are intended for an external audience.