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Title IX

About MSMU

How Title IX Can Help

Mount St. Mary’s University encourages all members of the University community to participate in the process of creating a safe, welcoming and respectful campus environment free from sexual harassment for all. Accordingly, MSMU encourages members of the community who have experienced, or who know of, gender-based harassment, discrimination, or sexual misconduct to promptly report instances to the Title IX office so that the University can take appropriate responsive action. 

MSMU has professionals specially trained in conducting investigations, providing support, and assisting individuals throughout a reporting process. The University aims to provide support, resources, stop the misconduct, prevent further acts, and respond promptly and effectively to any attempts at retaliation. 

Once the University receives a report of an alleged violation of Title IX or sexual misconduct, the Title IX Coordinator will reach out to the involved parties in order to promote safety, security and provide options for moving forward. All support options are available whether someone chooses to file a formal complaint or not. 

The Title IX Office Can Facilitate:

  • Assistance with understanding reporting rights, process, and options through the University grievance procedures for Title IX and Student Conduct
  • Connection to confidential services at Counseling & Psychological Services
  • Connection to confidential services at Student Health Services
  • Connection to resources and support through both campus and community resources
  • Connection to specialized medical attention for health care needs and evidence collection
  • Assistance and connection to law enforcement
  • Available and appropriate interim support and preventative measures, including but not limited to:
    • Academic accommodations
    • Residential accommodations
    • Work accommodations
    • Transportation accommodations

MSMU will keep private the identity of any individual who has made a report or complaint alleging Title IX Sexual Harassment, as well as the name of the complainant(s), respondent(s) or any witnesses of the alleged behavior to the extent practicable. Whenever possible, requests for anonymity will be respected. Because of our responsibility to promote a safe learning environment, if a pattern of harassment or misconduct is evident, or if there is a risk to anyone, MSMU must respond appropriately to ensure the safety of the community.

Reports of sexual harassment or sexual misconduct can be made with Campus Security, the Title IX Coordinator, or an administrator. Reports can be made in person, by email, by phone, by mail, or by using the online report form linked below. 

File a Report Online

Campus Security:

Chalon Campus 
Phone: 310.954.4123 
Location: Chalon Campus Circle  
Doheny Campus 
Phone: 213.477.2502 
Location: Main Gate Entrance 
Megan Staudenraus 
Interim Title IX Coordinator 
Division of Student Affairs 
213.477.2803 | 
Attn: Title IX Coordinator 
Mount St. Mary’s University 
10 Chester Place  
Los Angeles, CA 90007 

Mandatory Reporting 

The University has deemed all staff, faculty, student workers, and some student leaders, as Responsible Employees, with the exception of confidential resources (e.g. Counseling and Psychological Services and Student Health Services staff). In order to connect the impacted individual(s) with available supports and reporting options, responsible Employees must immediately report actual or suspected sexual harassment under MSMU’s Title IX policy to the Title IX office. Employees must also promptly share all details of behaviors prohibited under Title IX that they observe or have knowledge of, even if not reported to them by a complainant or third-party.