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Student Affairs Mission and Values

Our Mission

The Division of Student Affairs educates and develops students so that they may embrace a life-long commitment to learning and self-reflection and enjoy satisfying and relevant lives of leadership and service.

Our Values


The Value of the Individual – Every person is of immense value and should be treated with dignity and respect. They deserve to be supported and challenged so as to best realize the full potential of their gifts and talents.

The Impact of Student Life – The experiences students have while attending college can positively impact their personal development and growth. This requires a deliberate structuring of programs, services, activities and policies in all areas of student life.

Professionalism in Student Affairs – The field of Student Affairs has professional standards and practices which should be acknowledged and maintained in order to assure quality of leadership and programming. This quality directly influences the personal and professional development of our students.

The Necessity for Continual Improvement – By systematically gathering and analyzing information, it is possible to make improvements in services and programs which will increase the likelihood of students developing to their full potential.

The Value of Cooperation – Cooperative activities and settings assist students in their personal growth by increasing the frequency of interpersonal skills, group processing, and positive interdependence.

The Sanctity of Work – All are called to use their gifts and talents in the work that they do, both to honor themselves and to give service to others. Both staff and students should be supported and encouraged in their commitment to service in both their professional and personal lives.