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Tuition & Aid

at Mount Saint Mary's University

Tuition & Aid


True & Lasting Value

The value of a Mount Saint Mary’s University education lies in the Mount’s mission: we are dedicated to providing a superior education enhanced by an emphasis on building leadership skills and fostering a spirit to serve others.

Our measure of success is graduates who are committed to using their knowledge and skills to better themselves, their environments, and the world.


Tuition & Fees


Average Room and Board



Average out of pocket expenses after aid (RESIDENT)


Average out of pocket expenses (COMMUTER)

Aid That Matters


More than 39 million in aid was awarded to MSMU students in 2020-2021.


More than 98% of MSMU students receive some type of aid from the University.


All traditional undergraduate students who apply for admission are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships. No additional applications are necessary.

Fast-Track to Graduation

With a low faculty-to-student ratio, Mount Saint Mary’s University students receive the one-on-one attention that helps them stay focused and on-track.

With access to hundreds of semester courses Mount students can fulfill major requirements without delays.

  • Available courses means a priority in helping you graduate in four years.

  • Graduating in four years means you avoid the cost of an additional fifth or sixth year of tuition at a state school and you avoid the lost income of not starting your career sooner. 

Our students' four-year graduation rate is 140% greater than female students attending a Cal State University.*

Our Underrepresented students graduate at a rate that is over 300% greater than their counterparts at a Cal State University.*


*Class of 2013


Outcomes That Matter

Mount Saint Mary’s University alumni are leaders in their communities and industries, and remain committed to helping MSMU students and graduates reach their professional goals.

A women’s college education...

Proves its value over a lifetime. Graduating from a women’s college, versus a co-ed public college or university, nearly doubles a woman’s chances of earning a graduate degree.

Women’s college graduates succeed in entering a range of career fields and graduate programs, regardless of their undergraduate major.

The vast majority (90%) of women’s college alumnae believe the financial investment in their education was worthwhile and that the intellectual and personal capacities they gained are still extremely important to them.

Traditionally, graduates of a women’s college are twice as likely as female graduates of coeducational colleges and universities to attain higher positions in their careers, earn higher incomes and have a greater level of involvement in philanthropic activity.


*Women’s College Coalition

Steady Tuition Costs

The Mount makes every effort to maintain tuition increases within a manageable range so as to minimize impact on students and their families. Over the last five years, Mount Saint Mary’s tuition has increased an average of 3.6% annually. According to the U.S. Department of Education, the average tuition increase among private universities is 7.9%.

2021 - 2022 Mount Saint Mary’s University Cost of Attendance

Traditional Undergraduate Program

Tuition: $44,088
Fees: $1,300
Room and Board: $12,933

A full schedule of detailed charges can be found here: