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About MSMU

Tuition Refund Policy

A student withdrawing from MSMU after the add/drop deadline is responsible for tuition, fees, and room & board on a prorated basis as of the date the withdrawal is processed. If a student withdraws after the last date of refund eligibility, the tuition charges will not be prorated.

A student wishing to withdraw or take a leave of absence MUST submit a withdrawal request to the Registrar’s office. Students are not automatically withdrawn if they stop attending classes.

The Refund Tables (linked below) are based on program and semester enrollment. A full refund of tuition and fees can only be given prior to the semester start date. Students who file a withdrawal or leave of absence after the semester start date will not receive a refund of fees, including the university fee. The refund of tuition only will be prorated based on the filing date of the withdrawal or leave of absence form.

The dropping of a one-unit course is the only exception to this Refund Policy. Students who file a drop form 1 day prior to the start of class will be eligible for a full refund of the course. This refund will not be given if the 1 day period has passed.

The refund of course(s) dropped will be prorated based on the filing date. Students who drop courses past the dates stated on the Refund Tables, will not be eligible for a tuition refund.