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Roy Adaptation Association — Election of Officers

Phase One — Nominations: November 1 to December 15, 2018

Officers Nomination Form

Officers — Terms and Descriptions

President— Term, 2 years and one year as Immediate Past President. Major Officer of the organization responsible for conducting the business of the RAA and member of the Executive Board accountable to the Board and the membership; duties are to oversee general operations of the organization, manage the website, work with secretary on Newsletters, approve CEU applications.

Immediate Past President Term, 1 year. Assist the President; be a member of the Executive Board; term concurrent with elected President

President Elect— Term, 1 year. Assist the President and assume office of the President when the term of the President ends

Treasurer— Term 2 Years. Oversees the financial activities of the organization and member of the Executive Board and accountable to them and to the membership; duties are to create an annual budget for Board approval and provide an annual report to the Board; work with finance office at MSMU to accept membership dues, handle conference income and expenses as well as other budget items.

Secretary— Term 3 Years. Responsible for correspondence, in-coming and out-going, of the organization and is a member of the Executive Board and accountable to them and the membership; duties include to prepare and distribute minutes of meetings; handle new Chapter requests in coordination with the President, prepare CEU materials.

Members at large for the Executive Board— Term 2 or 3 years. Joins representatives of International Chapters to meet at least once a year and at other times as determined by the President. The Board is advisory to the officers and hold the major responsibility for the Strategic Plans of the Roy Adaptation Association—devising the plan every 5 years and conducting annual evaluation of progress.