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Abstract Submission Form

** If you are in a position to control the content of this educational activity (planner, faculty presenter, or content specialist), then you must disclose whether or not you have a conflict of interest. Conflict of interest disclosure identifies the presence or absence of any potentially biasing relationship of a financial, professional, or personal nature. A perceived conflict of interest would occur, for example, if you have or a member of your family has, within the past 12 months, received a salary, royalty, speaking honorarium,research appointment, board of directors remuneration, or consulting fee from an organization whose product or service is being discussed in the learning activity, or if you or a family member own stock in such a company. Conflict of interest would also occur if you have any potential to benefit personally or professionally from the presentation (work for a proprietary company presenting the learning activity, have written a book about the topic, provide consulting services related to the topic, etc.). All information disclosed must be shared with the audience on the program handouts, advertising and/or audiovisual presentation.