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Connecting our students to the world

Through its Center for Global Initiatives, Mount Saint Mary’s University is graduating globally educated, culturally fluent leaders who are equipped to change the world.

We believe that in order to change the world, you must see it — and understand it — first. That’s why we’ve got we’ve got a bold goal: By 2025, at least 50 percent of our undergraduate students will graduate with significant, life-changing global experiences. We believe these experiences are vital for our students to learn the value of cultural diversity, and to bring a global perspective to their future roles in today’s workforce, and in the world.

The University’s Center for Global Initiatives has a two-pronged approach to accomplish this goal:

Bring more of the world to our students.

Mount Saint Mary’s Center for Global Initiatives provides chances for students to broaden their global perspectives even while on campus — through our robust and diverse visiting scholars program, faculty exchanges and distinctive faculty-student research projects.

And send more of our students out into the world.

The University’s goal is for every student to experience diverse cultures and communities first-hand. That means offering avenues for students to embark on domestic and international study away opportunities, student exchanges, worldwide service learning projects and international internships.

About the Center for Global Initiatives

The Center promotes the comprehensive internationalization of Mount Saint Mary’s University by serving as a catalyst, facilitator, umbrella and hub for globally oriented activity. It fosters participation by the University’s students, faculty and staff in global learning experiences on its campuses, around the U.S. and abroad. The Center provides support for international students, scholars and staff who come to the University, and it builds relationships with other institutions, offices and individuals in pursuit of these ends.

Academic director: Lia Roberts, PhD