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The Wellness Pavilion


Wellness Pavilion Preview Image

Strong Women Move Mountains

See how we’re creating a campus-wide wellness movement at Mount Saint Mary’s University.


Strong women move mountains.

Let's make them even stronger.

Our graduates can be a mighty force in the world.

Take healthcare, for instance. Today, at least 20 percent of children and adolescents are overweight and underactive. A looming diabetes epidemic threatens to sink our health system.

Can it be averted? You bet it can. Our students have the unstoppable, never-say-die spirit of our founding sisters. All they need? A place to learn how to be strong – not just physically, but comprehensively.

We have just the place on our drawing board.

Well, Well, Well.

This is definitely not your mother’s gym.

Think bright, airy, inspiring space, all totally committed to learning to live well – mind, body and spirit.

The new Wellness Pavilion will be the Mount’s grand central station for health, sports, stress reduction – everything students need to master the art of living vigorously.

As Los Angeles’ only university for women, Mount Saint Mary’s is a premier supplier of nurses, healthcare leaders and policymakers. Imagine the impact as our students graduate and become an unstoppable force, here in California and in the wider world. 

Our greatest hopes: First, that wellness becomes a centerpiece of campus life. And that our graduates become role models and change agents for healthier, happier communities.

The Wellness Pavilion is going through the entitlement process with the City and the local community. The University has committed to the development of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) to examine all aspects of the project and its potential impacts, and there will be a number of opportunities for members of the community to have input throughout the process.

In the Wellness Pavilion, students will have access to: 

    • New academic programs 
    • Physical therapy lab
    • Multipurpose rooms
    • Study space
    • Peer health advocates
    • Health education and screenings
    • Healthy eating resources
    • Fitness center
    • Basketball and volleyball courts
    • Pool
    • Cycling studio
    • Dance studio
    • Training rooms
    • Locker rooms

The Wellness Pavilion

As the first new construction on our Chalon Campus in more than 30 years, the Wellness Pavilion will transform the student experience for a whole generation of women. It will be the campus hub for a host of new wellness initiatives, recreational sports, and new academic programs. And it will lead to a community of healthier, energized, unstoppable women who are strong enough to move mountains.

Unstoppable women need energy. Health.

And strength.

With your financial muscle behind us, we will raise $35 million to construct the Wellness Pavilion and develop happier, healthier, unstoppable students.

For more information, please contact: 
Stephanie Cubba
Vice President for Institutional Advancement