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Visiting Chinese Scholar Shares Culture With MSMU Students

Feb. 15, 2006 -- Visiting Chinese scholar Wang Yan is spending two weeks in February with students at MSMU to share stories about her life in China.


Yan is visiting the College as a recipient of the Chinese Visiting Scholar Fellowship through the Bridging Cultures: U.S./China Program of the Education Department, which is headed by Nancy Pine. The visiting scholar program is coordinated with the Asian and Pacific Studies Program at Loyola Marymount University.

Yan, who is fluent in English, is meeting with MSMU students in business, sociology, and child development classes. She also is finding time during her two-week visit to tour Hollywood and other popular spots.

Yan, who had her first child two years ago, lives in the crowded city of Nanjing in the Jiangsu Province of China with her husband and toddler daughter. She teaches English and business at Nanjing University, one of the top universities in China.

During a visit to a child development class, Yan discussed her struggles as a working mother raising a daughter. She said most young couples in China leave their children with grandparents while they go to work. But Yan decided to take on most of the responsibility for raising her daughter with the help of babysitters. “The most important thing for a baby is the mother’s love,” she said. “I take care of her mostly by myself, but in China, this is not that common.”

She said she does not plan to have more children because of China’s government policy of one child per family to ease severe population growth in cities. She said her job at the university would be in jeopardy if she were to have another child.

Yan earned her master’s degrees in Applied Linguistics and business administration. Her bachelor’s degree was from the Int3ernational Studies University in English. She worked for a U.S. firm in China for several years, before deciding to become an instructor at the prestigious Nanjing University in China.

She is currently vice dean of a program in the School of Foreign Languages at the university, which oversees business majors and other business students and professionals who are learning English. She also teaches in both the English Department and the Department of International Business Communication.

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