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Top Mount Grad Selected Into Teach for America Program

One of the Mount's top graduating seniors has been selected into the competitive Teach for America program, which sends new college grads and older degree holders into the nation's neediest public schools for two years.


Megan Lille ’05, a biology major graduating Summa Cum Laude, says she is taking a break from her focus on genetics and future applications to medical schools to take on her next challenging assignment. This August, she will move from her home town of San Diego to Chicago, get an apartment, and begin teaching in one of the city's high schools with the lowest academic achievement among students.

"I think the most important thing is to establish a strict learning environment. If the students know what to expect from you in the beginning, you avoid a lot of the behavioral problems down the road," she says. "A lot of these students go through really challenging things in their neighborhoods and at home, and I think it’s great that I can show the students that I really care about what they learn."

Lille practiced a strict work ethic at the Mount, earning almost all As in her four years at the College. She received just one B-plus in one semester of calculus. She was honored with the Academic Excellence in Sciences Award from the Biological Sciences Department, and has been inducted into Kappa Gamma Pi Honor Society and Delta Epsilon Sigma National Scholastic Honor Society.

Before heading for Chicago, she will receive classroom training in Los Angeles County. She will continue in a credential program once in Illinois.

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