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New York Times ranks MSMU No. 1 in its student outcomes index

More evidence is in confirming the transformative effect of a Mount Saint Mary’s University education.

The New York Times recently released a study of economic diversity and student outcomes at colleges and universities across the United States. In the study, the Times ranked Mount Saint Mary’s No. 1 in its overall mobility index, out of 578 selective private colleges.

The measure reflects both access and outcomes, and it judged the Mount the most successful at helping students move up to greater income levels compared to what they could have expected to earn before attending the University.

According to the Times, 43 percent of students at Mount Saint Mary’s can expect to move up two income quintiles (income levels established by the Times for this index) based on their University education. This percentage was greater than any other selective private college or university in the United States. The percentage also ranks the Mount third in California among all public and private colleges and universities in the state, including schools such as No. 1-ranked California State University, Los Angeles.

The Times’ rankings were based on data collected by The Equality of Opportunity Project. The Project uses data on 30 million college students to construct mobility report cards — publicly available statistics on students’ earnings and their parents’ incomes — for each college in the United States. The analysis sheds light on how colleges shape children’s prospects of upward mobility and how more children can climb the income ladder through higher education.

The New York Times’ study on economic diversity and student outcomes — including its overall mobility index ranking Mount Saint Mary’s University No. 1 in the nation — is available online at

Learn more about the work of The Equality of Opportunity Project at

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