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New Masters in Humanities Offered

The Master's in Humanities is an interdisciplinary degree which includes courses from three separate disciplines - English, history/political science, and cultural studies - but it will give students the choice of either concentrating their coursework in one of these areas or spreading their courses among all three. Whichever choice the student makes, he or she will also take three interdisciplinary core courses in Humanities that deal with problems and issues that spill out beyond the boundaries of a single discipline. These may be timeless problems like the meaning of life and death, or issues of contemporary urgency like terrorism.

Students will study works by the great thinkers and imaginative artists of the past and present who have reflected not only on human nature and the human spectacle, but on God and the universe, on nature and time.

The Master's in Humanities is a 30-unit program in which the final course constitutes an original contribution to human knowledge. This contribution may take the form of a master's thesis, a creative project, or a culminating portfolio. For more information about this innovative new program, contact Tom Hoener at (213) 477-2800 or by e-mail at




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