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Wellness grants

A pair of recent grants received by Mount Saint Mary's will help the University develop and implement a peer wellness advocacy program.

Mount Saint Mary's receives a pair of grants to support campus wellness initiatives

Contact:Phillip Jordan

Mount Saint Mary's is the recipient of two new grants, totaling more than $500,000 total, that will enable the University to develop and implement new wellness programming on campus. The grants come from the UniHealth and Joseph Drown Foundations. 

Led by a mix of staff, faculty and students, the Mount is in the midst of launching an innovative and effective wellness movement across the University. Together, the recent grants will help to create one novel aspect of that movement - specifically, a Peer Wellness Advocate program. The idea is to provide specialized training to students who can then serve as peer wellness mentors to their fellow classmates, helping more students identify their wellness goals and take the correct steps to achieve them. 

The UniHealth Foundation’s grant will support a specialized track of the program dedicated to addressing the wellness needs of Mount Saint Mary's health sciences majors so that they have the tools and resources they need to be resilient healthcare providers. The Joseph Drown Foundation award will fund activities and support for all other majors, ensuring that all more students have access to this important program, regardless of their field of study. 

To learn more about the growing wellness movement under way at the University - including plans for a new Wellness Pavilion at the Mount's Chalon Campus - visit

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