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Indian Dance Company to Perform at College

February 22, 2005--The Orange County-based Shivam Arts dance company will perform its Colors of India showcase at the College at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 15, in the Chalon Campus Little Theater.


The performance is free and sponsored by the College's Mind and Spirit Committee. Colors of India evokes the splendors of Indian traditions, culture, literature, art, and music through the classical dance Kathak and folk dancing of India. The show blends experimental techniques with age-old traditions. Dancers will perform several selections, including a vibrant folk dance from the state of Rajasthan, a desert known for its sandy dunes.

The company also will highlight an experimental fusion of the uplifting, scintillating rhythms of the Spanish guitar to the intricate precision and artistic finesse of Kathak dance. Guests will also see a peacock dance that traditionally marks the arrival of monsoon rains.

Kathak dance originated centuries ago as a devotional dance in temples. The word Kathak means storytelling, and was used by nomadic bards to depict stories of Indian epics and Hindu mythology through hand movements, gestures, facial expressions and intricate footwork.

Punam Kumar, founder and director of the company, is choreographing the event.

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