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Fifty-Two Mount Students Selected to Who's Who as Outstanding Campus Leaders

Jan. 23, 2006 -- Fifty-two MSMU students have been selected for the 2006 edition of Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges as national outstanding campus leaders.

The college nominating committee included these students based on their academic achievement, service to the community, leadership in extracurricular activities, and potential for continued success. Outstanding students have been honored in the annual directory since it was first published in 1934. Students named from the Mount are:

Abigail Peak
Akemi Kaku
Ana Thorne
Aquenda Scott-Thomas
Barbara Brennan
Brenda Lopez
Brooke Hogan
Chandra Schlee
Charles Chuateco
Christina Barber
Claudia Finks
David Kollie
Denise Roacho
Eleanor Rowe
Erica Huntzinger
Francis Jacobo
Grace Ann Fletcher-Strick
Hana Abeurshaid
Jan Coleman
Jan Hopf-Nelson
Jane Calhoun
Janie Grajeda
Jeannette Eun
Jennifer Sickles
Johanna Lenus
Kathleen Allison
LaVonne Madrigal
Leight Ann Cruz
Lisa Dawson
Marcela Martinez
Margaret Mitchell
Mariasharine Batangan
Marielos Zeka
Martha Baca
Megan Beckerle
Michelle Boniwell
Nicole Price
Paulette Thomas
Renata Sdao
Rochelle Valere
Rosa Mejia
Sara Powers
Sarah Bessell
Shea Hilger
Shoshanna Martinez
Sinead Cadore
Sonja Pull
Sophia Robertson
Thuy Tien Nguyen
Vibeke Fong
Victoria Williams
Vikki Gonzalez

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