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Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Augments Scholarship Fund With $500,000

June 30, 2010 -- The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation has awarded Mount Saint Mary’s University $500,000 to augment an existing endowed scholarship fund.

The grant will be used to help low-income students meet the financial challenges of completing their college education. "Raising funds in this current climate is a particular challenge, and we are thankful to the foundation for continuing to support our students in their most serious time of need," said College President Jacqueline Powers Doud. "Every capable and motivated student who wishes to pursue a Mount education should be able to do so regardless of their financial situation."

The College serves a population with an extraordinarily high need for scholarship support. More than half of the College's associate degree students and 40 percent of its baccalaureate students come from families with annual incomes less than $40,000. This amount approaches the full cost of one year's tuition with room and board at the Mount.

The Conrad N. Hilton Endowed Scholarship Fund supported the education of six Mount St. Mary's students during the 2009-10 academic year. The College estimates that this latest gift will generate an additional $20,000 in financial aid in its first year, providing support for two additional students each year.




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