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Chinese Professor Visits College

February 22, 2005--The Mount's visiting Chinese professor compared Chinese and American college students during a visit to the Doheny Campus as part of the College's Bridging Cultures: U.S./China Program.

“In China, most college students live on campus, often up to eight in a dormitory room, and they use bicycles for transportation,” Yu Xi told students, faculty, and staff Feb. 22 in the WigWam.

“But there are many similarities between American and Chinese college students: cell phones, surfing the Internet, and learning to live with and understand others are shared experiences,” she said.

Xi is the third professor visiting the Mount’s two campuses since the Education Department’s “Bridging Cultures: U.S./China Program began in 2000. Loyola Marymount University’s Asian and Pacific Studies Program jointly sponsors the program.

During her two-week visit, Xi conversed with students, observed classes, and was a featured speaker in several classrooms at the Mount and at LMU. The Bridging Cultures: U.S./China Program also supplies the Mount’s libraries and the Center for Cultural Fluency with materials about China, and has sponsored an e-mail exchange between several classes at the Mount and Nanjing University.

Each year, the bridging cultures program brings a Chinese visitor to the Mount to help students make a real-life connection with Chinese culture, and to provide fellowship recipients with an opportunity to learn about university life in the United States, according to program director Nancy Pine.

Xi spoke to several classes at the Mount during her two-week stay, including courses in sociology, education, and cultures. She is a faculty member at Nanjing University in the School of Foreign Studies and a PhD student with an emphasis on applied linguistics.

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