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About MSMU

Scholars in Residence Program

Our Scholar in Residence program enhances the university’s  academic environment by hosting scholars with global or international research agenda. SIR’s are non-Mount academics are distinguished leaders, faculty and/or artists. The SIR program is designed to enhance opportunities for such academically qualified persons and to support the continuation of their professional development through research, scholarship, and creative activities. 

The Mount has been awarded a Fullbright Scholar in Residence award for the academic year of 2021-2022!

Please check back soon for updates on our candidate and further information. Contact Dr. Lia Roberts for more information on our SIR program.

Stay Tuned for 2020-2021 Speaker Series!

2019-2020 Scholars in Residence

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Jorge Ortega, PhD

Spanish Philology, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Jorge Ortega is a Mexican poet and essayist born in Mexicali, Baja California, in 1972. PhD in Spanish Philology from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Autonomous University of Barcelona) and member of the Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte de México (National System of Art Creators of Mexico) since 2007. He has issued a dozen poetry titles from publishing companies in Mexico, Argentina, Spain, United States and Canada, among those who stand out Ajedrez de polvo (tsé-tsé, 2003), Estado del tiempo (Hiperión, 2005), Guía de forasteros (Bonobos, 2014), Devoción por la piedra (Mantis, 2016) and Bedouins (Molossus, 2014). His poems, book reviews and articles have appeared in different literary magazines from Latin America, such as Letras Libres, Nexos, Quimera, Revista de Occidente and Periódico de Poesía, as well as others published in English in the Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, The Black Herald, The Bitter Oleander, World Literature Today, Poetry International and International Poetry Review. Besides English, his poetry work has been translated to Chinese, French, German, Portuguese and Italian, and is part of multiple anthologies of recent Mexican poetry. In 2017, he was an invited author to El Salón de la Poesía (The Poetry Hall) of the Guadalajara International Book Fair. He has participated in literature festivals, conferences and congresses in different cities in America, Europe and Asia. He obtained the Premio Internacional de Poesía Jaime Sabines (Jaime Sabines International Poetry Award) in 2010. His book Dévotion pour la pierre was published in Quebec in 2018 in Les Éditions de La Grenouillère in a French version by Françoise Roy, and in 2019, the publishing house settled in Rome, Edizioni Fili d´Aquilone, will put in print an anthology of his poetry work compiled and translated into Italian by the poet and editor Alessio Brandolini. Currently a research teacher at the College of Social Sciences and Humanities at CETYS University in Baja California.



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Natalia Bielleto, PhD

Musicology, UCLA

Natalia Bieletto holds a B.A. in Flute Performance an M.A. Musicology (UNAM), and a PhD in Musicology (UCLA). Her research interests include postcolonial approaches to listening cultures, music, noise and sound’s role in processes of social classification. She has written about the role of music and sound in processes of alterity construction. She is also interested in the study of urban listening cultures and how the urban space and the aural urban experience shapes social class subjectivities. She has written about sound cartographies and social segregation in Mexico City. She has developed a line of inquiry on street music and musicians, as well as on sound actions in the public space and their relationship with notions of citizenship. She is currently working on an edited volume that compiles case studies on street music, control policies, sound management and control in the public spaces in Latin American cities of Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Brasil. Currently she is Associate Professor at the Research Center on the Arts and Humanities, at the Universidad Mayor in Chile.  She is a member of Mexico’s National System of Research (SNI). She is a founding member of the Mexican Network for the Studies of Sound and Listening (RESEMX), and a founding member of the Latin American Network for Sensorial Studies. She is the recipient of the Latin American Music Award “Samuel Claro Valdés” for the paper “De incultos y escandalosos: ruido y clasificación social en el México postrevolucionario.”



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Christian Spencer Espinosa, PhD

Ethnomusicology, University of Madrid

Christian Spencer Espinosa (1973) has graduated in Sociology (1997) and Music (2001) at Catholic University in Santiago de Chile. He obtained his PhD (Ethnomusicology) from the Complutense University of Madrid and the Nova University of Lisbon (European Degree). His major research interests are the relationships between popular and traditional music and the power of music to articulate social networks. Among his publications are several articles in Latin American, Spanish and English journals, and the books "Mestizaje, syncretism and hybridization in the Ibero-American sound space" (2011, co-ed. with A. Recasens), "Made in Latin America: Studies in Popular Music" (Routledge 2016, co-ed. with J. Mendívil) and "History, tradition and performance of cueca Chilena in Santiago de Chile (1990-2010)" (2018 Fidel Sepúlveda Award). Currently he is running two projects on popular culture and traditional music in Chile. He also chairs the Arts and Humanities Research Center at Universidad Mayor, Chile.